All changes can be made online. It can be applied after registration by the trader. All links are available on the home page. The processing of the application and intimacy is also online. Online digital life has simplified our lives with just a remote click of the requirements. From online food ordering to the approach of corruption control, from online shopping to taxis at our doorstep, digitization has helped humanity get things done faster and more efficiently. As smartphones and computers become increasingly overused, Gujarat police have developed an online service called Citizen Portal. It is a provided platform for Barodians, where they can use 16 police-related services while sitting at home. Citizens can download the police verification certificate form by making the Home Department Citizen Portal In the above services, people can easily reach for their needs with just one click.

Thanks to a unique tracking method, citizens can even now follow the process of their application. 1. Get a copy of FIR 2. e-application 3. Report missing or stolen property 4. Sign up for missing person 5. Personal house registration 6. Driver registration 7.

Senior registration 8. Rental 9. Candidacy NoC 10. Police Examination Certificate 11. Search Arrested/Wanted Person 12. Search Missing Person 13. Search Stolen/Restore Property 14. Research Unidentified Body In cases of atrocities to the Person De Caste, financial assistance for victims and their relatives who are victims of crime under the provisions of the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act 1989 are registered, according to the provisions of the rules, 1995 according to the provisions of this Law, Schedule Tribe families did not have permanent homes necessary for a decent life. In order to benefit from one of the services, citizens must first log in to continue to promote their decisions. Here is a list of the services offered.