A purchase or sale agreement is used to negotiate future sales or purchases. This type of document can be used in the initial phase of negotiations to secure the assets and terms of the business, but it is only a project or a promise of what the final transaction will be. This document does not legally recognize the new ownership or sale of a business. Each of the undersigned resulted in the fact that this purchase and transfer agreement was properly executed and delivered at the time of the first writings. When a company buys another business, there are two main methods: the purchase of the company as a whole by the majority shareholder or the majority shareholder or the purchase of the assets held in the company. An asset purchase agreement allows a company to take possession of all the tangible and intangible assets and assets of the business to be acquired without becoming the owner of the business itself. An asset purchase agreement allows a buyer to leave the seller intact as a separate legal entity, but to acquire any desired value inside. These are the typical inclusions on a Business Bill of Sale. Depending on the terms of your sale as well as government and local laws, it may be necessary to include additional information to make the sale. 3. The seller and the owner have carefully read and verified the provisions of this Schedule 5 and agree that the restrictions set out in this Schedule 5 are fair and proportionate, given the terms of that agreement, the nature of the seller`s and its related companies` activities, the sector in which the seller and his related companies market his products and services. and the consideration provided for by this agreement. In addition, the seller and the owner expressly accept that the length, scope and definitions used in the agreement are not in competition, and the other restrictions in Schedule 5 are fair and reasonable.

Furniture fixtures and equipment, Inventory `Uncompetitive Agreement` Goodwill` 1. Sale of acquired assets; Adoption of adopted treaties. Subject to the provisions of this agreement, the seller sells, transmits, recovers and transfers to the purchaser the assets defined in Schedule 1 (the “purchases”) freely and without any pledges and charges, and the buyer heresk accepts the sale, transfer, transfer, disposal and transfer of the acquired assets and assumes the obligations of the purchaser under the contracts listed in Schedule 1 (the “contracts adopted”). 11. Indices. All communications and other communications under this Agreement must be requested in writing and by first-class mail, accused of return, nationally recognized overnight delivery service, such as Federal Express, or personal delivery against receipt to the party to which it is provided, in any event at the address of the party in this section 11 or any other address that the party indicates below by notifying the other parties in accordance with the other parties This section.