This Agreement shall in no way affect the provisions of national law and bilateral or multilateral agreements or understandings which are in force or enter into force, under which more favourable conditions apply to nationals of other Contracting Parties. flavoured or coloured sugars, syrups and molasses (including vanilla sugar or vanillin), excluding fruit juice containing grape must, in fermentation or fermentation which is stopped otherwise than by the addition of alcohol, natural cork, unworked, crushed, granulated or crushed; Flax, raw or processed, but not spun; Flax trawl and waste (including rags towed or filled with shells) The Purpose of the Agreement is to facilitate the personal travel of nationals of the Parties who, on presentation of one of the documents listed in the Annex to this Agreement, may enter or leave the territory of another Contracting Party at all borders. In addition, the parties agree to allow the holder of one of the documents to formally return to its territory, even if his nationality is controversial. Other fermented beverages (e.g. B cider, pear and food) The facilities granted may only be available for visits of a duration not exceeding three months. residues and wastes from the food industry; prepared feedingstuffs Animal products not elsewhere specified or included; dead animals of Chapter 1 or 3, oilseeds and oleaginous fruits unfit for human consumption; different grains, seeds and fruits; industrial and healing facilities; straw and fodder viscera, vesicles and stomachs of animals (excluding fish), whole and in pieces of other sugars; sugar syrups; artificial honey (even mixed with natural honey); Caramel…..