The theory behind the provincial bargaining model is that this model, if followed as intended, ensures greater fairness in wages and working conditions in all departments. There are currently differences in the language of collective agreements across the province with respect to issues such as wages, preparation time, extracurricular activities and more. Collective agreement between MTS and generalTeamsters Local Union 979, from 1 September 2018 to 31 August 2022 5. The best provisions of existing collective agreements should be the norm for the new Treaty. The new collective agreement provides for greater job security for CUPE 4951-02 members and sets out a job evaluation process – a first for the district. “This process ensures that each member is recognized for their experience and qualifications and that they are all treated fairly in their work,” says Bachand. “The company supports provincial negotiations in a timely manner, provided that negotiations are conducted in a fair, equitable and good faith manner,” said James Bedford, MtS President. “We will not accept the reversals in the gains made by the locals over the years. A provincial collective agreement must reflect the best of the best in local agreements. Collective agreements in force remain in force until they expire. All collective agreements are available online and in different ways. Much of the material is only available to negotiators. MTS operates another website, the Bargaining System Collective, which allows collective bargaining teams to manage the collective bargaining process via a simple web browser interface and access support information and historical collective agreements through full-text search and intuitive hypertext navigation. Currently, each of the 38 collective units negotiates separate collective agreements.

Yes. This bill incorporates the division`s capacity to pay into the arbitration process, which impedes the neutrality of an arbitration body. This clause raises concerns because it is reminiscent of laws passed in the 1990s, which undermine teachers` collective bargaining. A critical part of a fair bargaining system is an open, impartial and independent arbitration procedure. As arbitration is the only dispute resolution procedure available to teachers, it is essential that this process remains virtuous. Community workers in the Fort St. James District of British Columbia unanimously ratified their first collective agreement. After nearly nine months of negotiations, CUPE 4951-02 members have taken a big step forward in terms of job security and workplace equity. .