– are based on a gender-based understanding of violence against women and domestic violence and focus on human rights and victim safety; 2The parties encourage that the paragraph 1 training includes training in coordinated multi-agency cooperation to enable full and appropriate treatment of referrals in cases of violence within the scope of this Convention. 1 The parties take the necessary legislative or other measures to protect all victims from further acts of violence. Article 66 – Expert Group on Combating Violence Against Women and Domestic Violence 1 Contracting parties designate or establish one or more official bodies responsible for coordinating, implementing, monitoring and evaluating policies and measures to prevent and combat all forms of violence covered by this Convention. These organizations coordinate the collection of data within the meaning of Article 11, analyze and disseminate their results. According to Balkan Insight, criticism of the convention, which is the strongest in Central and Eastern Europe, and in particular of the far right and national conservatives, has little basis in its content. “With misinformation, populist rhetoric and calls for Christian and Islamic morality, [the critics] have succeeded in transforming a series of essentially guidelines that “create a comprehensive legal framework and approach to combating violence against women” into a sinister attempt by Western Europeans to shift their overly liberal policies to reluctant societies further east.” [34] in light of the growing jurisprudence of the European Court of Human Rights, which sets important standards in the area of violence against women; Hc Energi?a Group is a Spanish energy group that has implemented a collective agreement and an equality plan to promote gender equality, work-life balance, and the health and safety of female workers, including the recruitment of women victims of gender-based violence into their workforce. The company has implemented a prevention and intervention protocol to report moral, physical or sexual harassment or gender inequality. Protection is granted to victims of gender-based violence by giving them flexibility in working time, leave, transfers and access to credit, as well as psychological, medical and legal advice, as well as a premium for rental costs if victims are forced to leave their homes. Despite the bleak picture of domestic abuse painted by the numbers, there does not seem to be much support for any support on the part of the judicial system. According to Women for Women`s Human Rights , New Ways, only seven out of 100 women who are victims of violence report it to the police. Prosecutors are only involved in about 4% of cases.

Of the cases that can be tried, 21% result in a conviction. And even then, the penalties are often light. dd should represent relevant actors and agencies in the area of violence against women and domestic violence; In January 2018, Bulgaria`s Council of Ministers adopted a proposal in Parliament for ratification of the convention. The decision was quickly condemned by some ministers, MPs, media groups and citizens` organisations, who suggested that the Convention would ultimately lead to formal recognition of a third same-sex marriage. [12] After widespread counter-reaction, the third Borisov government postponed ratification and forwarded the decision to the Constitutional Court, which would decide whether it was legal. [13] President Rumen Radev, an opponent of ratification, hailed the postponement as a “triumph of common sense” and said that the convention was ambiguous and that domestic violence could only be countered by appropriate Bulgarian laws and improved prosecutions. [14] 1The parties provide or strengthen appropriate training for the professionals concerned, who deal with the victims or perpetrators of all acts of violence within the scope of this Convention, the prevention and detection of such violence, equality between the women and women